When you look at the possibilities instead of the problems, the future is filled with endless opportunities.
— Zig Ziglar


Focus mainly on corporate professionals.  The premise is to partner with clients to understand current job standing, future goals, and steps needed to grow further  in current position or move forward toward the next job opportunity.


Primarily specialize working with individuals already in or moving toward leadership positions, up to middle management or Director level. Evaluate core competencies needed for a successful leader. Review future direction of leadership.

Life Coach

The idea is to partner with individuals facing personal challenges.  If  someone finds they are stuck, wants to modify an existing habit, or simply create general life goals, the purpose as a coach is to serve as a guide in the process.


Partner with individual on personal challenges. In the moment, if someone is stuck or wants to modify an existing habit or simply create general goals, I can help as a guide in the process.


Seek mind-body connection. Support individuals with health challenges and chronic illnesses.  Help client find tools to ease the mental stress so as to have a positive influence on a person’s overall state of being.  


Why Coaching?

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a place where we need to look at things in a new light. As a coach, the objective is to guide you in the process to help you come up with new ideas, find a fresh perspective, or design the path to achieve your goals. Do not go it alone. Let me give you a helping hand.

Note: Services available in Spanish.

Note: Group or individual sessions.