Dream + Action = Make Ideas Come to Life

Start the creation process now!

We all have dreams.  This is our creative nature.  Our imagination starts flowing with an idea and we think of what is possible.  In our minds we can be everything and do anything.   

But what is the difference between the person who dreams and the individual who realizes that vision?  Does it mean they have more skills, are smarter, or have greater ability?  Not necessarily, but they took the action needed to move to the next level. 

Did they achieve all their goals in one leap?  Probably not, but they took the necessary steps to get the process started.  You can start small and continue to tweak things as you move along.  Almost everything could benefit from continuous improvement, so you can continue to fine tune your goals as your dream becomes clearer. 

So, begin now.  Outline what you want to do and go for it.  Consider these 5 steps:

  1. Define your dream.
    What is it you really want to do?  For better results, make sure it is aligned with your values. 

  2. Fill in the details.
     Figure out what you need.  Do you have all the resources you need or are there some you still have to work on?
  3. Plan out the steps. 
    Put in writing everything that’s required to achieve your goal.  This may need to be modified as you go along, get things done, and realize there are other steps to be taken. 

  4. Take Action.
    With your plan in hand, take the action steps required.  Be patient but stay focused.  Adjust as needed. 

  5. Visualize the outcome.
    Take the time to observe how things are progressing and if they still are congruent with your vision.

When you look back to see what you have accomplished, you will most likely be pleased with the results.  And be sure to enjoy the process.  The journey can be as rewarding as arriving at your final destination.