Ride the Wave of Change

Change, change, change.  Change is all around us and is simply a fact of life.

Do you find you’re working on a project or process and there is a change in direction or leader?  What can you do about it?  Are things going to change because you don’t like it?

When change is inevitable, find ways to learn to cope with the change.  The more you embrace it, the better off you will be.  You don’t need to like it, but also don’t resist it.  Look at it from a distance and see what new opportunities it can bring.  It may help to change your perspective and see it in a whole new light.  You may even thrive in the face of change.

Some steps you can take to help you process the change.

  1. Look at the situation as objectively as possible.
    You may have an emotional reaction to the notification that there is a change.  Give yourself some time and space so you can reflect on it after the initial shock has worn off a bit.
  2. Don’t label the change as good or bad. 
    It may be a perception not based in reality.  The change could lead to interesting outcomes in the future, if given the chance.  It has to be given the proper environment to flourish.
  3. Try to find the silver lining. 
    Can something better come of this?  Think where you may benefit from the proposed change.

Imagine a surfer.  There is the perfect balance between the person, their surf board, and the wave.  As the wave comes and changes course, learn to adjust your position and keep your balance.

Are you struggling with change in your life at this time?  Is it something you want to explore further?