The operative word for both the coach and coachee is “results”. That is what we strive for during these sessions. The intent is to find the benefits each program can provide.


Primarily specialize in working with individuals in or moving toward leadership positions up to middle management or Director level. Evaluate core competencies needed for a successful leader. Review future direction of leadership.

Also available to work with organizations to develop Leadership Development Programs.

What is your goal?
  • Be a respected and influential leader
  • Continue to strengthen leadership skills
  • Stay ahead of the evolving changes in leadership


  • Review some of the key core competencies of a leader
  • Gain clarity on current level of leadership skills
  • Determine areas that are key strengths
  • Find areas of improvement
  • Assess what is currently needed in your position to remain relevant
  • Develop a plan for continuous growth
  • Broaden your sights outside your current position on what is needed for leaders to continue to be successful in a changing world



       Individual Development Plan (IDP)   SMART Goals   360 Feedback

       Note: Services available in Spanish.

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Individual session or Coaching packages offered:
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