The operative word for both the coach and coachee is “results”. That is what we strive for during these sessions. The intent is to find the benefits each program can provide.

Life Coach


Purpose is to seek mind-body connection. Support individuals with health challenges and chronic illnesses.  Help client find tools to ease the mental stress so as to have a positive influence on a person’s overall state of being.



Partner with individuals facing personal challenges.  If someone finds they are stuck, wants to modify an existing habit, or simply create general goals, I can help as a guide in the process. 

What is your goal?
  • Want to improve certain area in life
  • Achieve a specific goal


  • Gain clarity on desired goal
  • Explore if obstacles in your way
  • Explore what resources you already have on hand
  • List additional resources you need
  • Create a plan to achieve your goal

Note: Introduction to Qigong available with well-being plan.

Note: Services available in Spanish.

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